How to Select the Right Type of a Dog Crate for your Dog

16 Nov

Rearing dogs for protection, companionship, and breeding for selling are some of the reasons why people keep dogs. The question of whether or not to crate your dog may be utmost in your mind. Nevertheless, it has been endorsed by veterinary doctors and dog trainers that crating your dog is beneficial to its well-being. Crating your dog creates a feeling of assurance for its safety. It is an appropriate way to teach your dog toilet and house training. If you intend to travel, consider using a crate to put your dog in. You should make sure that the crate that you choose for your dog is of the right dimensions and here are some tips on choosing the right crate size.

The size of the dog in question should be considered when selecting a crate. The crate may be the dog's home for quite some time, so the dog should be able to fit in well. If the crate is too big or too small, it might make the dog feel scared or uncomfortable respectively. The size of the crate is determined by the measurements, so measure accurately. While the dog is standing, measure the measurements from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail to get the length. For the height, you should take the measurements while the dog is sitting. You are advised to add five inches to the measurements to be on the safe side.

When buying or making the crate yourself, there are many materials that you can decide for the crate. You can opt for wood, stainless steel, plastic or aluminum sheets among others. Know that there are no excellent or recommended components of making these crates. This is because not all dogs respond the same way to varying types of materials used to make crates. Your dog may not be allergic to stainless steel, while another dog may be. Be aware of your dog's habits and if they have allergic reactions to any materials. The dog will undoubtedly suffer if the materials used to construct the crate has allergic reactions with its body. Know more about dog crates at

The choice of crate at that you will make will be significantly influenced by the purpose for which you intend to use it. If the crate is to be placed outdoors, then you should select a hardy crate that can withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and cold. If the crate is to be used for travelling, select something that is easily portable.

Choose well designed crates at that will complement your house if the crate is to be put indoors. If you intend to fly with your dog, inquire from the carrier about specifications for crates allowed onboard.

There are different factors that may make your dog unique from other dogs regarding the crate that you will choose. These are the factors that will cause a crate ideal for your dog, but entirely inappropriate for another dog. Due to such scenarios, you should study dog crate size guides available in order to help you. These manuals or charts have specific information on many types of dog crates depending on some variables. These variables that determine your choice of crates include the height, weight and the breed of your dog, among other factors. The tips given above will guide you to get the most suitable crate.

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